The Top Free Fitness Videos to Keep You Fit During Lockdown

Looking for the best free indoor fitness videos? Keeping our mind and body healthy is more important than ever as movement is strictly prohibited in the UK when we fight the corona virus. The benefits of exercise are well documented and are unlikely to be appropriate when we need to be at home. While it has been said that this is easier said than done for many of us when trying to adhere to social distance, the government has now stated that it is possible to go outside once a day for exercise. It can be tricky to avoid others, especially for those in structured areas and those living in flats. Although it is necessary to go out for groceries when deliveries are not available, the best thing we can really do is stay as long as possible. So with this in mind, here are some great free fitness videos to keep you moving when you are trying to stay home and save money.


Sport England

Sport UK, a leading sports charity, has a huge #Join the Movement campaign to encourage everyone – all ages and fitness skills – to move when we are at home. It has everything from fitness with children to general tips about fitness. Yoga, strengthening and memory resources help balance the mind and body.

The purpose of the campaign is to encourage everyone to move. So, unlike other exercise videos, there are options that require exercises for pregnant women, the elderly and those with disabilities or adapting to long-term health conditions.

Physical Trainer

Joe Wicks is a popular fitness instructor in the UK and author of healthy cookbooks. He is great at dividing your diet and fitness goals into manageable areas. For example, this month he started a 7 day sweat challenge. These are 20 minute sessions over the course of a week designed to move you.

Stretching before and after a workout is always important. You can go on Youtube and search for ‘Body Coach Stretching’. His YouTube channel has many great sections, including what to do with Kids Workouts. So there is no reason for minors to skip PE lessons when they drop out of school!

If you are interested in his books, you can get popular topics like Leanne and Kindle Joe’s 30 Minute Meals at 15, so you don’t have to leave home to learn how to eat healthy!

Popsugar Fitness

POPSUGAR’s fitness video’s are awesome for the most active fitness seekers who are also looking for advanced exercises. For example, there is an 8-minute stomach workout. Although her videos are very powerful, what is awesome is that they only require the most basic equipment or nothing at all. For example, 40-minute no-equipment cardio and sculpting. This is a fantastic and comprehensive routine that does not require more than a bit of space in the living room. They will sometimes show drills on the mats, but if you don’t have one a piece will usually do! Wash it off after it is on the floor.

Not all exercises at POPSUGAR are for advanced exercisers. Watch a 15-minute beginner’s cardio workout at home to catch up on cardio workouts. It’s easy to use this time at home to exercise with videos like this and learn what’s most relevant!

NHS Fitness Studio

Did you know that the NHS has a list of free fitness videos for different options and fitness levels?

It may not look as glamorous as POPSUGAR and the like, but the different sections and live videos are really great. Exercises are also divided into four main categories: aerobic exercise, strength and resistance, Pilates and yoga and other exercise programs.

The ‘Other’ section covers everything from 10 minute workouts to a full 12 week workout program. Self-isolation is the same for beginners and advanced gymnasts!

Along with catchy videos, the fitness program section contains simple, straightforward articles on a variety of topics. The benefits of exercise include why we should sit less, and exercise as you get older. Check them out as an introduction to fitness if you are new!

Instead of boring instructional videos, you can watch a belly dance exercise video and match it with La BOMBA dance. Additionally, articles and videos are recognized by the NHS so you can count on them to provide you with better guidance.

Danielle Peazer

Danielle Peazer has a great YouTube series that focuses on fun exercises that usually propel dance beats to move you. Her videos are well known and focus on work exercises.

Everyone has a three minute dance workout, which you can start with and go to a low-intensity workout and watch the upper body sweat workout as well. See plenty of other regimes targeted.

Daniel’s Channel focuses on a wide range of goals including beauty and healthy eating. What I eat in a day series provides a lot of inspiration for healthy eating, which is best when you work hard to stay fit.

His other lifestyle videos will appeal to anyone who wants insight into the daily activities of professional dancers and fitness instructors. When you feel like you know too much about the person who teaches you the practices, this will help keep you motivated and interested!


The blogs, run by Cassie Howe, are a mix of Pilates and ‘boot camp’ style exercises for extreme fitness. Most videos are very intense, but generally good and short. This includes 12 minutes to Toned Abs Workout and 14 minutes of beautiful body Pilates.

Cassie also talks about things like body image. Don’t like your body? This video will talk about how it works to make you feel better about yourself and inspire you to take action.

His website also has a list of healthy isolated groceries. It is broken down into categories such as fresh products, protein, canned / dried and frozen. They will help you get a balanced diet.


What’s great about MADFIT’s videos is that they offer the best workouts you can do in short bursts. Many of them are divided into short breaks such as a 15 minute six pack workout and a 20 minute full body workout.

Not enough yet? Billy Eilish Bad Hand Full Body Workout is only three and a half minutes regular. For Shawn Mendes, Camila Cabello is a regular at the Senorita of Workout. These short videos are perfect for your favorite songs.

Combine some of these videos for an entertaining and different training routine that covers all sites. There are a lot of other exercises based on the song, so check them out.

Beginner flexibility is usually recommended especially if you are just starting out. This will train you on how to keep your body flexible and you can go a gentle way at your own pace if you wish.

Posted on: 18/04/2021

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