1. How Do You Get Free Stuff?

All you do is find the offers you like when browsing the site. When you find something you like, simply click the GET FREEBIE button, which will bring you to the companies’ websites that are giving away the free stuff. Once you’re on their website, follow the instructions.

Generally speaking, you just have to provide a few details about yourself. This includes your name, address, email address and sometimes number/dob. Depending on the offer, you’ll receive your freebie within 28 days.

2. Who Sends The Freebies Out?

A number of companies gives away free samples, competitions and more. Some of the top companies that do this include Dove, Nivea, Pampers and Olay. Other companies that are known for sending freebies include Simple, Redbush tea and Vodafone to name a few. What we do is locate the best freebies in the UK, and then we add and share them with you on the homepage of our site.

3. Why Haven’t I Received Freebies?

We do not stock items to giveaway unless we are doing an internal competition. Sometimes the companies that give freebies away are very busy and have difficulties keeping up with demand. Sometimes they get well over 50,000 freebie requests.

Generally speaking, most people receive their freebies within 28 days. You should be patient and keep in mind that they are free. You can send the company an email if it’s been longer than 28 days.

4. Types Of Stuff You Can Get For Free?

There are many types of things you can get for free, such as body creams, shampoo, tea bags, perfume and coffee, makeup and so much more.

5. How Often Are Freebies Added?

Every single day there are new freebies being added. We update our site on a daily basis. If you want to be in the know and be first to know about newly released freebies, then follow us on social media and signup to our email newsletter.

6. Why Do Businesses Give Freebies?

Companies give away free stuff because it’s a great marketing strategy. If potential customers try a sample and they decide they like it, there’s a good chance they’ll end up buying the product at some point in the future. The bottom line is companies do this to attract new customers.

7. Can You Receive Email Updates When Free Giveaways Are Released?

Yes, you can receive updates via email. All you do is signup to our newsletter, and then you’ll receive updates on a regular basis. In fact, we’ll send you a newsletter on a weekly basis.

8. Will You Be Charged Anything Or Is It Free?

It is completely free to use our site. We work hard to help bargain hunters find free samples and free items. We are striving to become the largest and best freebie community in all of the United Kingdom.

9. Will You receive Spam?

The details you provide will only be used by companies to send you your freebies. Generally speaking, you can opt-out of receiving any emails in the future. All you do is tick the box within your email and you should stop receiving emails in the future. There are several things you can do to cut down on spam.

Also, your details won’t be shared with 3rd parties when you signup to our newsletter. We only use your email for the purpose of sending you the newsletter.

An email address is usually required in order for you to request freebies. If you don’t want your main email address being flooded with freebie offers, then create a new email address. Use your new email solely for freebie offers.

10. What If You Receive Freebies You Don’t Actually Want?

You can do what we do, which is give your extra freebies to a charitable cause, such as a food bank. Someone else will have no problems making use of your unwanted freebies. Simply do a quick search for your closest food bank.

11. Can We Contact You For More Info, As We’re A Media Organisation?

Yes, you can contact us via the form on our site. Provide us with your phone number, name and a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. We’re pleased to have been features on many UK-based sites and in many newspapers. For facts and figures, go check out our press info page.

12. What Is Our Privacy Policy?

Check out our privacy policy here.

13. What If You Have Additional Questions?

Feel free to contact us directly. We aim to get back to inquiries within a day. Ask us any questions you have.

We encourage you to spread the word about our site. Post our link BestFreeStuff.co.uk to your social media, blog or website. If you have friends or readers that like freebies, then they’ll love what we do and they’ll love receiving our weekly newsletter.