Hints & Tips

Hints And Tips For Freebies Offers

Below are some of hints & tips to make your search for freebie as easy as possible –

1. Have a secondary (not your main) email address to use when applying for freebies. This is the best option if you want to avoid spam mail. You can set up a Gmail.com or Hotmail.com completely free.

2. Join us on our Facebook and Twitter social media pages to get instant notifications for the latest freebies on offer. All our new Best Free Stuff are instantly posted on our social media platforms.

3. Also subscribe to our Email Newsletter where we provide a weekly round-up of the most-popular freebies of that week as specifically picked by our team. The email newsletter is sent every single day.

4. We are currently working on a freebie app for iPhone/Android mobile app where you can check out the latest freebies. The offers are updated daily so you can be sure to find only the most recent offers on a day to day basis. The app will be absolutely free and available for both iPhone and Android users. We are also making it possible for the app to work on mobile devices.

5. Be sure to check our website daily. Our website is updated every morning from 9 am with all the latest free stuff. You will find only genuine offers from valid companies.

Tips for Freebie Hunting Easy

1. Apply for the freebies as soon as possible. Popular freebies are snapped up very fast and the faster you apply the higher your chances of getting the free sample in the post. Also check everyday for updates while also requesting for the best offers.

2. You will have to follow the instructions given for each offer for freebie, most of the free stuff we share, they will have terms and conditions so we do advise that you read them. Fill in the details and make sure you add the correct home address, so its not sent to the wrong house.

3. Order the freebies you need and leave the ones you do not need to others. There is no need of ordering freebies that you do not have a need for. It is best leaving that chance for others.

You do not have to worry if you are struggling to find what you want because we update our pages and websites with new offers after every few hours. You will soon get what you want if you are consistently checking our sites updated offers.

Do You Have to Many Freebies?

– If you are not using them you can pass them over to friends or family.
– You can try and sell them on eBay.
– Donate them to charity.
– You can also recycle them or exchange them fellow members on BestFreeStuff.co.uk social media pages.

Do you have any tips? Please share them with us on our contact us page.