How to Save Energy in this Summer

Have you ever thought about the strategies of saving energy and how you can low the energy cost in the summer? In the summers, we spend a lot of money to feel cold and all of our appliances like the refrigerator, air conditioner and even the fan works more. Cost of energy rises every summers because the consumption also increases. So there is always a need to find some ways through which you can save money. Today I will tell you about some of the ways through which you can reduce the energy cost this summer.


1. Keep the Fridge Closed

Having a fridge in your home is very useful because it is used for cooling your food and water. Fridge works at low temperature, provides coolness which helps to keep your fruits, vegetables and food fresh and cool. Make sure not to open fridge door again and again, close it quickly whenever you want to take out a thing. If the door remains open for a longer time, we lose a lot of energy.


2. Turn off Boiler

Boilers can drain energy in summers. Turn off your boiler when you go on holidays because this can save a lot of your cash. If your boiler is on its last legs and you want to replace then summer time is best because during summers the price of boiler drop down to a big extent. So, do not wait for winters if you are want to change a boiler and also keep it off until the winter comes.


3. Replace Baths With Showers

Taking a good bubble bath is good for you because it helps you to feel fresh, calm, and relaxed. According to science, a bath is beneficial for everything from blood pressure to your immune system.  But some time, for the sake of saving water shower is better than bath. So, try to switch bath to shower in the summer to save some water and money.


4. Keep your Home Insulated

Insulation not only helps you in the winters but it can also help you to save money in the summers too. Home insulation is a comfort and this can help in preventing heat from escaping and prevent your home from becoming too hot. Proper insulation not only keep your home warm in winter but also it also keeps your house cool in summers.


5. Keep Food Fresh

Fresh food is important for human diet. We use different kind of food and all of these contain vitamins, minerals and proteins that are essential for human body. So here are some tips for you to keep fresh food for longer and save some money.

– Wash summer berries in hot water before keeping in refrigerator: washing in water helps in killing mould spores and extend life of berries. After washing spread on a towel for water to dry.

– Keep tomatoes out of the refrigerator: keep tomatoes out of fridge because they will lose their taste. This is because of cold temperature, effect the flavour. Instead of keeping those in fridge keep them at a room temperature and away from direct sunlight.

– Wrap leafy greens: the best way of extending life of salads is wrap in a paper without washing, place inside a sealed plastic bag and keep them in fridge. But before wrapping them spread them on a towel so the towel absorbs the moisture which cause green colour to remove.

– Refresh lettuce and herbs with an ice bath: place the lettuce and herbs in a bowl of ice water and shake the greens for few minutes to refresh them.

– Refrigerate ripened bananas: putting ripe bananas in the fridge will help them to stay for long. The cool temperature of fridge does makes the skin blacken but underneath the fruit is not affected and you can store for long time.


We hope you like these tips! Comment if you have any tips to save energy this summer.



Posted on: 27/04/2021

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