Competition Guide – Free Competitions & How to Win Free Stuff

Ways Through Which You Can Score Variety of Stuff for Free

There are actually numerous numbers of free competitions and freebies to which you can enter with a great ease. Amazing thing about all of these freebies and competitions is that you can make you name in them without spending a single penny of yours. Free competitions usually come in variety of shapes and sizes but unfortunately for some specific sort of giveaways your luck is the only thing which really do matter. In these specific giveaways only thing in your hand is to enter in these competitions so many times so that your chances of winning may increase to a certain level. Be quick and be clever, keep an eye on all of these competitions and get your name in as early as possible.

Places where you can Find Free Competitions

Freebie competitions are actually everywhere but if you want to find them all in one specific place then all you need to do is to check out Best Free Stuff homepage. In this specific page the legality of every competition is checked properly so that everyone can enter in the competitions and struggle for their win with having a great peace in their mind.

Some other places where you can find these competitions are:

1. In your loved magazine: search for free competitions in your favorite magazine and also keep an eye on their website.

2. Famous brand websites: usually number of beauty brands, supermarkets and many house hold companies host online competitions to which everyone can enter and win many amazing prizes.

3. Social media pages of brands: this is also a place to find out free competitions. Only thing which you need to do here is to like and follow the media pages so that you can have all sort of information about the latest competitions.

4. In emails newsletter: here you need to subscribe so that you can let yourself know about all the competitions by checking your email.

5. On packaging: this is actually not technically free because here you need to buy something first. There are usually numerous number of prizes for your each purchase.

Despite these all, there are lot more tips to get yourself a chance to win freebies by entering in the free competitions. The competitions also include instant wins where you just need to play a certain game and then at the find you can win any amazing prize.

Many brands also helping people to have their names in the free competitions so keep an eye on those brand websites and enter in the competitions with a great ease. There is no excuse left to win gifts or prizes because of all these giveaways and competitions.

Win Freebies on Websites

Actually the number of brands and companies are being originated in the supermarkets day by day so in order to make their name known, all the brands and companies offers many freebies and giveaways for the people. In this particular way the needy people can have their desire product for free and the brand or specific company also have a great chance to make their name famous and well known to the people.

Now to enter in such specific competitions you simply need to fill up a form which can be easily filled with in some seconds. Easy to apply and also easy to win, so what are you waiting for? Be fast and fill their form to have a chance for yourself to win big.

If you want to increase your chances of winning, it is a good idea to go into the competition with a little more action like this interactive DFDS Ganga game that can help you to win the Apple Watch.

The next time you are on a website, look around and start looking for contests and offers on the company’s website. PSST – it could be on their blog or news page.

Some sites, such as Waitrose, have dedicated COMPING pages, and Sainsbury’s also has a freebies and contests page.

Try to Win Free stuff on Social Media

Social media is now one of the most popular places for editors. Believe it or not, you will soon be in the process of creating social media. A good place to follow your favorite brands and stores on these channels. The brands that have awesome social media comps I love are:

– Cadbury

– Boots


It’s not just that brands offer their own gifts. If you follow supermarkets or local corner stores, e.g. NISA Local, they bring your favorite treats and treats!

Win prizes on Twitter

To get started search for Twitter contests and payouts using popular combing hashtags like #Freebie Friday #RT TOWIN #WINIT Wednesday and many more. You can follow the latest comps and enter the latest comps to stay in the loop.

Most of the payouts here are ‘FOLLOW & RT’, which means you have to do exactly what the tin says, retweet the advertiser’s tweet and follow them.

If you are retweeting from another editor, you can go directly to the brand’s original tweet to count your entry.

If this is a title or image contest, make sure the correct spelling of the hashtag is always used.

Win prizes on Facebook

Facebook contests are often similar to Twitter, where you usually have to ‘Like’ a brand’s page and share, sometimes even leaving a comment. Make sure your comment is relevant and as humorous as possible.

Unlike Twitter, you can have as many accounts as you want, you can only have one Facebook account, so take care that your loved ones are not spammed in all your compliance activities!

Sometimes on Facebook there will be a form you fill out or a game for you to play. This all actually sounds really good, so why not check out Facebook and win prizes?

Win prizes on INSTAGRAM

Entering a contest on INSTAGRAM usually involves posting a photo on your INSTAGRAM account, mentioning the brand and adding their hashtag to your post.

If they do not ask for the original photo, they can ask you to ‘REGRAM’ one of your photos, then mark them and add their hashtag.

You can also hunt for INSTAGRAM contests using hashtags. Ideally, you can use these hashtags to spy on other entries to verify that yours is original and unique.

Win prizes on PINTEREST

PINTEREST is still a new area for a lot of people, so it’s definitely worth going there now and swiping gifts if you are currently a user.

Most of the competitions on this platform involve creating a ‘board’ or reposting an image on one of your boards.

You can find matches on PINTEREST by searching for ‘Match’ or by searching on Google.

If you are worried that someone might copy your board and try to steal your gift, you can always keep your board private until you are ready to submit it.

How wonderful!

PSST – Don’t forget to check out our free competition page where we list the best comps running.

Win Contests Registered in Email Newsletters

A lot of websites announce contests exclusively through their email newsletter, so if you want to think of any brand, want to win something or try one of their products for free, then go to their site now and enter your email.

Trust me, since spam is real, I will definitely set up a separate email for computing and free hunting.

Once you register, they will email you a welcome newsletter, and then all you have to do is peel your eyes off.

Winning Magazine Contests

A common way to win competitions is to get into magazine and newspaper collections, but a lot of people ignore these because they go straight online now, but they lose big time.

Some magazines can be very expensive, but if you are in the waiting room at the dentist or something like that, if you find an updated Mag Comp, take a picture of the stick on your phone and then enter or go to their website, you are likely to get information here.

If you pick up a major magazine like a puzzle book or Crochet Mag, you are more likely to succeed because more people are more likely to enter popular magazine collections and follow them on your social media.

Do you have a local newspaper or newspaper? With these scans the chances of success are even higher! I have even heard stories of people entering their local town or village, so pay attention to these.

Win Contests on TV and Radio

You have to be brave for this! You can win contests with the names of some of the popular TV shows like Famous Chase, Catch Phrase and Tipping Point.

If you search this on Google and post on sites that send you opportunities, make sure you use the opportunity to appear on these shows as soon as possible.

You can win big prizes here, so if you’ve got the courage to appear on TV it’s definitely worth doing!

If you are not confident enough to go on national television, ask the radio stations for a chance to win prizes. If you join major radio stations, usually the prizes are like cash wins or holidays – oh yes please!

Local and major radio stations also host competitions, e.g. If Radio X (not so important anymore, but still) is on your street you often hold contests with your favorite bands and artists to win kick or festival tickets, vinyl or private shows.

I once won a couple of tickets to their Winter Wonderland show and screamed in the office while on the phone – it was very embarrassing, but it was worth it! The radio presenter was smiling and playing it all day again.

There are many ways to enter, sometimes you have to listen to a specific song and text, they will call you back (that’s what I did) or sometimes they will ask you to answer, it may be frustrating if you are stopped, but don’t hang up because someone did not answer, you are in the next row If so, you can win.

With the Heart contest, they asked people to upload a photo of the depressed January view on their website, wanting to turn it into any holiday destination. If you win, the radio station will sound you and announce it live.

Warning – As with every gift, make sure it is clear in the T&Cs how to receive or claim your prize. Radio X released me a couple of tickets after I hit them in panic close to the event.

I showed up at the venue with this pair of tickets, and that night I got a voicemail saying that my tickets were waiting for me at the box office, Oops – sorry anyone who can use them!

Go to the music in the morning and run time shows, which is where they plug in most of their latest matches, but make sure you ask as much as you can, sometimes they can ask questions that were featured before the show.

How do I Know That I Won?

Like I said, it all depends on the brand or the person providing the competition. Check out the small print, as some companies claim you will be contacted by phone or email if you win. Some advertisers may ask you to return to the site to see if you have won.

Be sure to filter your emails using words like ‘congratulations’, ‘won’ or ‘winner’, so all of these emails will be moved to a special folder.

Also, don’t forget to check your spam folder, because sometimes your prize winning email will accidentally slip through the net and end up in your trash. Most advertisers only give you a specific time to receive and respond to your gift, so imagine if you missed it? Heart breaking!

How to Improve your Chances of Winning Free Stuff?

Great question! Compliance is about increasing your chances of success, and there are some things you can do to get in quickly and easily.

Most contests select winners randomly, so you enter a higher chance of winning something. But there are actually some great ways to improve your chances:


The Key to COMPING is basically organization. Get all your equipment in one place and make sure you check all the T&Cs matches three times.

If you feel incredibly organized, set up a spreadsheet to track your entries and follow the companies and most importantly, keep track of the number of your gifts.

Some editors swear by bookmarks, wish lists and notepad style apps, where you can create lists of contests to apply and organize it to suit your compatibility style.

Below is the list of some ways that can really help you to get started

Use an automatic form filler, such as the Chrome extension auto-fill, which allows long web forms to be completed automatically with the click of a button

If there is a way, share your personal recommendation link with your friends and family to get more entries

Join the websites that store your details so you can see which contests you have already applied for

Use filters on competing websites to filter by category e.g. Twitter, INSTAGRAM, Web Contact Form and many more

Apps like EVERNOTE allow you to filter and create multiple custom notes that come together to help you

Keep an eye out for seasonal dates like Halloween, Easter, and Christmas, as more and more companies are hosting competitions this time around, so create your own competition calendar and set reminders for this year.

You can use your calendar to set alerts to remind you to apply for previously saved contests.

Be Creative and Put All of your Effort

If you are applying for a competition that requires a little extra, be sure to make that effort to win big prizes. Think outside the box when you take photos, draw pictures, and come up with sexy captions.

Advertisers usually want something they can share again and again, so keep this in mind when entering, and make sure you stand out from the crowd!

You have to get creative in some competitions, so if you are good with words or can tell humorous jokes, make sure to use it to your advantage.

For example, some contestants may ask for your favorite home remedy or ask you to come up with a funny catchphrase.

You can find many creative contests on social channels like Facebook and Twitter that license you to go wild with your answer.

Questions include: Tell us your favorite thing about our product? And to whom you share this gift with, and why?

It helps to be friendly and put as much effort into your response as possible – poems and jokes will always be popular.

Brands also like a scene, so you can add a photo or image to make your entry unique!

The PRO tip for you is here – like the brands you see playing, so keep an eye out for others like good luck in the competition or want to enter something else.

Don’t get mad, you don’t need to add a long drawn out story about why you deserve to win, if it isn’t very real, it will annoy others.

Avoid yourself from Being Greedy

Number of COMPERS usually have some specific sort of wish lists and they have a great focus on winning some specific type of things.

The specific things on which most of the COMPERS keep their eye on are:

– A car

– A holiday

– Maybe a new kitchen/bathroom

– Some amazing gadgets like laptop or TV

– To experience day out such as afternoon tea or maybe a sports car racetrack day

Despite this, there are actually dozens of smaller competitions prizes that anyone can have from COMPING just like as a makeup kit, maybe a cushion or a mug. Only thing which you need to do is to have a precise idea in your mind that which specific thing you want to have in your hands.

After making an idea just begin to filter with the assist of Google to find competitions and to enhance or increase your winning chances.

Always Avoid Competition Scam

To avoid competition scam is becoming a big challenge. As the number of competitions sites have some affiliate links so that’s why whenever you sign in to those sites you’ll start receiving spam messages, calls and even spam emails. Actually the reason behind all of these spam calls or messages is the small tick boxes that usually feature on sign-up forms of competitions. These small boxes give companies permission or allow companies to move on your information to others.

So don’t be afraid of these boxes. Just avoid yourself to tick those boxes whenever you fill-up your competition form. After this you will not receive any kind of spam calls or messages and in this way you have a great chance to focus on the informative emails which do contain information about the latest competitions or about your wins.

Ways to Tell About a Scam Competition

Number of scam competitions are generally increasing as the day passes. There are number of freebies competitions so it becomes too much difficult to distinguish between the real one and a scam competition. Scammers are taking advantage of numerous number of competitions by hosting their own fraudulent giveaways. The purpose of hosting these scam competitions is just to have the detail of specific person. There are no prizes, no giveaways in those particular scam competitions.

You need to be very clever and very wise whenever you do enter in the competition. Only trust the popular brands and popular sites and if it make sense to you to enter in the specific sort of competition then do enter.

Always make sure that to whom you are going to give your details as it can also save you from being entered in the scam competition.

Never forget to call a specific company where you are going to enter for a competition. If they don’t contain the contact information or if you feel unsafe or have any doubt in your mind about the company then it would be better to be apart from that competition and the company too.

Win 1 of 20 Lindt Bunny Easter Eggs

    – To enter you must be 18 and live in the UK.
    – Competition ends on the 1st April 2021. All winners will be emailed.
    – By entering you agree to our terms and conditions and our privacy policy.
    – We guarantee 100% privacy and never share your details.


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